Apa Teknisi Kami Katakan ?

Melayani Orang Lain Dan Memperbaikinya Gedget Ada Di Dalam Darah Kita, Jadi Tolong Biarkan Kami Memecahkan Masalah Perangkat Anda Dengan Cara Yang Paling Efektif.

"Great experience. $120 to repair my 2013 PowerBook. Had spilled a pint of OJ on the damn keyboard. Benny replaced keyboard. Now it's working as good as new. Plus He took my laptop back to his office and returned it safe and sound so no worries there! Much better than having to spend $1500 buying a new laptop. Very happy I am 😊 - "

"Excellent service, friendly and understanding dealer. Very satisfied"

"Friendly. Service is good. Replaced battery fast. "

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